The region - Around the Tegernsee

A vacation around the alpine region at Lake Tegernsee holds some exciting moments. The lake with its mountains in the background is the right place for water rats and summit strikers - for all those who like to be active. At any time of the year you can experience a variety of outdoor activities at Lake Tegernsee. Whether biking, hiking, sailing or cross-country skiing there is much more waiting for you. 

Experience the Tegernsee from its active side.

The lake - swimming, sailing, diving

Just take a dip in the middle of the foothills of the Alps, that's what you can do best with us at Lake Tegernsee. Feel the wind, the fine pinch in your face, while you try out the variety of water sports at Lake Tegernsee. Whether paddling across the lake on a SUP, casting off on a sailboat or simply enjoying a cool dip in the lake, Lake Tegernsee is a true sky-blue place of longing.