Time out at the Tegernsee

Deceleration for body, mind and soul

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It feels like the world is spinning a little faster every year. Stress and hectic both at work and in our private lives are constantly increasing. Permanent sensory overload determines the agenda. Body, mind and soul long for rest.

Relaxation with a suitable ambience

Where, if not in one of the nine apartments of the R6 Tegernsee, do you want to find soothing deceleration after an intense period of stress? The well thought-out living concept offers the right foundation for rest and relaxation, and also gives you a feeling of being at home.

In a time-out, it is also important to take a step back from habits and instead let your thoughts run free. A spacious and open ambience as it is especially given in the living and dining area of the apartments can be very conducive here. Automatically, the rooms are flooded with pleasant sunlight. Speaking of which, the panoramic view of the Tegernsee mountains from the balcony and terrace is definitely unparalleled. 

Switch off in the mountains and wellness on the water

Located on the edge of the Bavarian Alps, about 50 km south of Munich, the choice between water or mountains requires no decision. In the region around Lake Tegernsee, both feel-good components come together to offer an impressive range of outdoor activities.

Starting with the Tegernsee itself, it is - rather unusual for the Upper Bavarian region - publicly accessible on the vast majority of shores and so you can linger on and around the water to your heart's content. Diving, swimming, sailing and the current trend sport stand-up paddling, in short SUP, know how to diversify a time out here. In addition to basics such as jogging, walking or hiking, adrenaline rushes can be experienced with biking, paragliding or trail running up the Wallberg, the local mountain at Lake Tegernsee. Get back to balance with yoga, forest bathing or the nearby iodine-sulphur bath.

From culture and creativity

For those who prefer to be mentally active, Lake Tegernsee invites you to stroll through tradition and history at any time. Because typically Bavarian art, culture and customs are always indulged in this country. The Tegernsee region has mastered this score to perfection and reveals numerous architectural attractions during excursions. In addition to impressive churches, monasteries and chapels, there are also plenty of historic buildings to see on a day's walk through the popular excursion region. And in almost every valley community that you cross, you will come across monuments and sculptures of famous poets and thinkers, but also of the former German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard.

Surrounded by so much art and culture, this can only have an impact on your own creativity. The area certainly offers perfect conditions. And who is a better muse than nature itself? A natural setting like the one at Lake Tegernsee definitely knows how to inspire when painting in the grass or meditating on a hill. If you want your own time-out to be more of an active-creative mixture, it is advisable to explore the surrounding area with camera in hand. Without a doubt, the imposing scenery captivates everyone and unfolds in a completely different way when looking through the small lens.

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